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2011-04-11 23:14:15
Lower Your FHA Mortgage Payment

Most FHA loans have monthly mortgage insurance required that must stay in force until the unpaid balance is reduced to 78% of the original sales price.  It would take about 10.5 to 12.7 years of normal amortization for loans with rates of 5% to 7% to reach that level.

As an example, a $175,000 home with a 5% mortgage for 30 years would have monthly mortgage premium of $163.46.  This is eliminated when the unpaid balance reaches $136,500 which is 78% of $175,000.  It can do that with normal amortization which would take about 10.7 years.

A faster way to reach that target balance would be to pre-pay the mortgage by making regular additional principal contributions or single lump sums.  In the example used above, if a person made an additional $100 principal contribution with each payment, the 78% level would be reached in 7 years 8 months compared to the 10.55 with normal amortization.

If a person would increase their principal contribution by a little less that $300 a month, the need for the MIP would be eliminated at the end of five years which is the minimum amount of time it must stay in place for most FHA loans.

The benefits of making additional principal contributions will be to build equity faster, lower overall interest that you'll pay and shorten the time that you'll be required to pay the costly mortgage insurance.  It will be necessary for the borrower to notify FHA when the target date has been reached if accelerating the amortization.

If you’re interested in developing a strategy to shorten the time your MIP is required on your loan, I can provide this type of analysis for you at no charge or obligation.

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